Founding Donors

Founding Donor Campaign: February 2004 - August 2006

The Founding Donor Campaign was our first campaign to raise initial funds for the Foundation’s programs and activities. As a Founding Donor, you are recognized for your leadership in establishing the Mesquite ISD Education Foundation, Inc.


Platinum Level - $100,000

Paul and Judy Pogue
Pogue Construction

Dallas Regional Medical Center

Silver Level - $50,000

Bill and Lillie White 
White Properties

Bronze Level - $25,000

WRA Architects 

David and Debbie Belt

Investor Level - $10,000

David and Lisa Beaird
P.M. and Sue Belt
Crook, Milligan Group

Mike and Linda Henrie 
Hughs & Sons, Inc.
Dr. Cary and Patty Tanamachi

Dr. James P. and Frances Terry 
James and Sherri Winters

Benefactor Level - $5,000

Phil and Rhonda Appenzeller
Michael Bunger
First Southwest Company
First State Bank

Ronnie Mac's Auto Sales - Ronnie and Donna McAda 
New Hope Funeral Home 
Dr. Ralph H. and Anne Poteet 

Schuerenberg and Grimes - A Professional Corporation 
Jerry and Loretta Stroud 
SHW Group

Partner Level - $1,000

Don and Mary Achziger 
Larry and Brenda Allen 
Mike and Paula Anderson 
BJ and Sammye Anderson and Family 
     BJ Anderson Company 
Terry and Debra Anderson 
Gary and Cecelia Bingham 
Kari and Ayers Blocher 
Bronco Packaging Corp 
Lynn and Lisa Davis 
DeeAnn Dockins, DDS - In Memory of Earl Hammett 
Eastern Mechanical Contractors and Pat Reed Electric 
Greg and Ramona Everett 
Herman and Carole Finley 
First State Bank 
John and Cindy Heiman 

Mike and Linda Henrie - In Honor of LeeAnn Henrie Hearn, Abigail and Zachary; and Mr. and Mrs. Shane Henrie 
Dr. John and Lynda Horn 
Vernon Horsley 
James E. and Janice Huckaby
Drs. Karl and Denise Kutch
McKinley Container
Mesquite Chamber of Commerce 
Mesquite Rotary Club
Greg and RaeJean Noschese 
Joe and Gayle Owen 
Kathy J. Owen - In Honor of Dr. Gayle Owen 
Greg and Melanie Packwood 
Tom and Dixie Parris 
Pat Reed Contractors, Inc. - In Memory of J.C. Austin

Robert and Majorie Seward 
Jwill and Elizabeth Sims - In Memory of Dr. and Mrs. Richard R.

Jeannette Sledge and Family - In Memory of Harley Sledge 
B.J. and Ann Smith 
Rocky and Lisa Stovall 
Ray Stuart Cleaners 
Town East Heating and Air Conditioning 
TxU Electric Delivery 
Wells Fargo Foundation
Whataburger of Mesquite, Inc.
Wayne and Evelyn Williams - Williams Paint and Body 
Windsor Florist

Patron Level - $500

Darlene Aguilar 
     Aguilar Forming 
Darryl and Dawn Andrews
Tony and Laureen Apel
Ted and Donna Barron 
John and Carolyn Bass 
David and Marjorie Bays 
Berger Engineering Company - In Honor of Buddy Ennis 
Blue Bell Creameries - Jerry Ferguson, Branch Manager 
David and Cathey Brooks - In Memory of S.D. and Dorothy Ladymon 
Leon and Marilyn Callies 
Stacy Carpenter 
Bob and Leta Cornelius 
Morell and Kay Cotton 
Rita Crump - In Memory of Robert E. Crump 
Mike and Judy Delaney 
Randy and Leslie Dobbs - Edward Jones Investment 
John and Phyllis Eshbaugh 

James and Barbara Griffin
Bobby E. and Jackie Faughn 
Gateway National Bank
Joe and Debbie Gilbert 
Steve and Vicki Glenn 
Charlie and Barbara Jo Green 
Dr. John Horn High School 
Mark and Kim Kerby 
Mark and Mona Lincoln 
Kathryn Lynn and Associates 
Cecil and Sue Ann Mackey 
Joe W. and Earlayne S. Martin 
Richard and Jaye Koonce 
Master Autobody of Mesquite 
Mesquite High School 
Steve and Janet McClelen
Bobby and Sally Mitchell 
Dr. Robert and Linda Murdock 
Jason and Dr. Anjanette Murry 
In Memory of Alice Nash 
Nathan D. Maier Consulting Engineers, Inc. 
North Mesquite High School 
Jim and Karen Northcutt 

Northeast National Bank 
Tom and Ann Palmer 
Robert Piccioni 
Dr. Ralph H. Poteet High School 
Randy L. Cooper Consulting Engineers 
Reed, Wells, Benson and Company 
Phillip and Mary Randall 
Lloyd and Shirley Roberts - Shirley Roberts Realtors 
Derek and Ginger Rohde 
David and JaJauna Scott 
Gary and Lori Shelton 
Pat and Debbie Shewmake 
Texas A&M University - Commerce, President's Office 
Brad and Shirley Weddle 
West Mesquite High School 
Gary and Susan Westphal - In Honor of Lance Westphal 
John and Cindy Williams 
Jim and Barbara Williams 
Tom and Carol Zolnerowich - In Honor of James and Jamie Smith

Friend Level - $100

Denise Abbott 
Mildred Abu 
Harry and Donna Adams 
Keith and Betsy Adams 
Drs. Ian and Janet Adrian 
Advanced Paving Co. 
Dr. Poppy Airhart 
Ada K. Allen 
Jerry and Judy Allen 
Joshua Clint Allen 
Karen Allen 
Cynthia Allman 
Ethel Alsbrooks 
Karen Anderson 
Michael Anderson 
Ebony Anderson-Guillory 
Annexus Personnel and Business Services 
Arbonne International 
Richard Armand 
Kathryn Ash 
Brent and Wendy Askins 
Brandi Aston 
Sharon Atkins 
Linda Attaway 
Adrienne E. Bailey 
Debra Bailey 
Jason Bailey 
Joy Bailey 
Megan Bailey 
Tammy Bain 
Michelle Baird 
Libby Baldwin 
Paul and Janice Ballou 
Judy Barbour 
Lynn and Debra Barley 
Jennifer Barnes 
Patricia Barone 
Valerie Barrett 
David and Jill Barrett 
Tracy M. Barry 
Aimee Bartis 
Bill and Debra Bassinger 
Andrew and Cathy Bauer 
Rogelio Bazan 
Miguel Bazemore 
Tammy Bean 
Tracy and Sherrie Beard 
Franklin and Leann Beaver 
Brian and Tamie Beers 
Tomy and Kristina Bell 
Gary and Becky Belt 
Larry and Penny Belt 
Johnny Bennett and Joe Ball 
Gay Bennett 
Larry Benningfield 
Sharon Benningfield 
Stephanie Bergman 
Michael Berrier 
Leslie Berry 
Michael Berry 
Reginald and Sandra Bibb 
Kenneth Bibbs 
Lucinda Owen Bickham 
Margaret Biles 
Maggie Birdsong 
Mike and Sandy Bishoff 
James and Barbara Blackshear 
Jeffrey Blackwell 
Shelley Bloomer 
Steve and Lori Blow 
Perry and Kathryn Bohling 
Jerry Bonham 
Cortney Bonner 
Rachel Bonner 
Candice Bookman 
Kenneth and Connie Boone 
Nina Boswell 
James and Michele Boyles 
Walter Brackenridge 
Deborah Braden, M.S., R.N. 
Robert Bradford 
Valerie Bradley 
Erica Bradley 
Toni Bramall 
Jennifer Brandewie 
Catherine Brashear 
Alana Brecheen 
Archie and Kathy Breeding 
Todd and Anne Brewer 
John Bridges 
Gail Brigance 
Nancy Briley
Alexis Brisby 
Paul and Kim Broadway 
Bobby O. and Peggy A. Brooks 
Janie Brooks 
Lezlie Brooks 
Lynda Brooks 
Chris and Amber Brott 
Richard Broussard 
Larry and Marsha Brown 
Denise Brown 
Roslyn Brown 
Teri L. Brown 
Michael Browning 
Katie Bugbee 
Stacey Bunch 
Julie Burnam 
Ed and Mandi Burns 
Brandon and Amy Burriss 
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Butcher 
Melissa Butler 
Marylin Butorac 
Steve and Kathi Byrd 
Marla Cotton Caldwell
Courtney Calhoon 
George Camponeschi 
Bonnie Canipe 
Zach and Amanda Cannaday 
Bob and Paula Cannon 
Mark Cannon 
Mike Cantrell 
Carol Capps 
Kevin and Irma Carbo 
Stefani Tucker Carnine 
Shanda Carpenter 
Vickie Carpenter 
Gayle Carr 
Carrie Carroll 
Demetria "Dee" Carter Insurance Agency 
Tarris Carter 
Tara M. Caruthers 
Julie Casas 
Adan Casas 
Elizabeth Castile 
Kanethia Cathcart 
Pamela Jordan Cavin 
Michael Chalk 
Heather Chavez 
Evelyn Cheek 
Don and Amy Childress 
Cody and Misti Christenberry 
Tracey Christian 
Marco A. and Norma R. Cisneros 
City Credit Union 
Lee Clanton 
David and Leslie Clark 
Stephen Clark 
Carita M. Clay 
Bob and Jackie Clayton 
Charles Clemons 
Wanda Clinton 
J.C. and Virginia Coalson 
Robby and Claudia Coburn 
Alesia Coday 
Mike and Debi Coffey 
Justin and Marlo Coffman 
Carla Collier 
Grant and Kelly Collins 
William and Brenda Collins 
Jim and Linda Collins 
Darrell and Vickie Compton 
David and Nancy Cone 
Marilyn Coody 
Sharon Cook 
Stacy Cook 
Brent and Amy Cooper 
Rick and Alicia Coplin 
Christina Cornell 
Ronald Costa 
Sarah Costa 
Christopher and Farrah Couch 
Scott and Sandra Coulson 
Craig and Susie Court 
David and Terri Cowart 
Tonya Cox
Allen Craig 
Bonita M. Crawford 
Terry and Adriane Crawford 
Juliette Crockett 
Bill and Juaniza Cross 
Jesse and Jacque Crouch 
Rick and Susan Cumby 
Karyn Cummings 
Michelle Curry 
Rod and Marnie Cushing 
Jay and Krishna Darst 
James Davidson 
Carol Davies - In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Glyn Davies 
Debra Davila 
Shirley Davila 
Audrey Davis 
Carol W. Davis 
Charles Davis 
Christina Davis 
Clyde Davis 
Elliott and Jana Davis 
Stephanie Davis 
Debbie Day 
Eddie and Jill Dean 
Mickey and Beth DeLamar 
Kerri Delaney 
Danielle Dellos 
Aaron and Molly Dershem 
Senator Bob Deuell 
Megan Devers 
Paige Dewitt 
Sarah Dickens 
Steve and Camille Dillow 
Shirley Ditmars 
Randy and Lana Dodgen 
Dona Doolin 
Sherry Doran 
Susan M. Dorsey 
Gregg Downs 
Alan Drake 
Julie Drummond 
Chris and Colleen Duke 
Stephanie Dumesnil 
Robert and Donna Duncan 
Ben and Rebecca Dunn 
Josh and Lacy Dunn 
Ray and Denise Duran 
Sandra Eckstein - In Memory of Joe Flowers 
Command Sergeant Major Ret. John and Sharon Edwards 
Nick and Lesley Edwards 
Phillip Edwards 
Katherine C. Eicher 
Mark and Sharon Elam 
Tom and Merrily Ellis 
Dr. June Elms 
Johnny and Sonya Estrada 
Mary Lou Faling 
Beth Fehlbaum 
Jason and Leslie Feinglas 
Koy and Sarah Ferguson 
Terri L. Ferguson 
Jennifer Fernandez 
Suzanne Fields 
Alex Figert 
Melanie Fitch 
Katy Fleener 
Joe and Ann Flowers 
Justin and Katharine Foley 
Clarence and Hope Ford 
Brian and Charlotte Ford 
Lori Forman 
Coach Clinton Fortenberry 
Tim Fortenberry 
Rick and Susan Foster 
William and Jana Foster
Shelby and Kristi Francis 
Christy Frank 
Billy and Darla Franklin 
Tony and Treva Franklin 
Marisa Frankum 
David and Carol Franzina 
Lanny and Donna Frasier 
Jeff and Allison French 
Brian and Kelly Fullenwider 
Kenneth M. and Elizabeth L. Fulton 
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Fulton 
Mike and Jill Furr 
Eunice Futrell 
Donna Gallegos 
Garland Civic Center 
Carl and Michele Garner 
Mary Jane Garner 
Melinda Garza 
Janice Gay 
Elaine Gibbins 
Carolyn Gibbins 
Rebecca Gideon 
Joe and Becky Giles and Family 
Jim and Tracy Gill 
James Gilmore, Jr. 
Leslie and Margaret Goekler 
Kenneth and Melinda Goin 
Larry and Rhoda Golden
Chris and Kari Gomez 
Delma B. Gonzalez 
Charlene Goss 
Tim and Christie Graves 
Nancy Gray 
Cynthia Greenhaw 
Helen Griffin

Ginger Griffis 
Dennis and Candis Grover 
Chris and Holly Grubbs 
Kimberly Guest 
Candice Haddock 
Ian and Beverly Halperin 
Steve and MaryAnn Halpin 
Kerri Hammack 
Hoyt and Donola Hamrick 
Chad Hanley 
Erin Hanson 
Angela Harland 
Shelly Harless 
Anthony and Tina Harris 
Karen Harris 
Freida Harrison 
Dennis and Esta Ann Hart 
David and Katrina Hasley 
Steve and Dawn Hawkins 
Tom and Becky Hawkins 
Michael Hayes 
Penny Hayes 
Deborah Haynes 
Mary Haynes 
Dannie and Glenda Heil 
Mildred Heil 
Nina Heiman 
Jack and Carol Herring 
Terry and Sonya Hervey 
Linda Hewitt 
Jack and Sandra Hicks 
Alexis Hill 
Brandi Hill 
Lynn Hill 
Mark and Laurie Hindman 
Kristi Hinsley 
Historic Mesquite, Inc. - In Honor of Dr. Linda Henrie 
James and Shanda Hix 
Michelle Hix 
Jimmy and Caron Hoffman 
Doug and Diane Hogg 
Carol Hogue 
Rhoda Hokanson 
Cathy Holdbrook 
Judy Holder 
Katherine S. Hollingsworth 
Russell and Christie Honeycutt 
Muriel Hood 
Sayeh Hormozi 
Mike and Eve Horn 
Kay Horne 
James and Janice Houston 
Richard and Shelley Houston 
Becca Howard 
John Howe 
Patti Howell 
Terry Hrehocik 
Charlotte Hudler 
Christina Hudlow 
Maureen Hudlow 
Jason Hudson 
Randy and Laurie Huff 
John and Kim Hughes 
Mary Hughes 
Gregory Hunter 
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Huovinen 
Brenda Hurley 
Identitec Signage 
Amanda Irby 
Jonathan and Cara Jackson 
Kelli Jackson 
Lynda Jaggers 
Melissa James 
Kara Janasak 
Dale and Erica Jander 
Melissa Jasbring 
Stefani Jaynes 
Lauren Jeffries 
Gerald and Cynthia Jenkins 
RoShanda Jenkins 
Glenda Jensen 
Laura Jobe 
Merry Johnsey 
Bill Johnson 
Brent and Kimberly D. Johnson 
Dabney and Linda Johnson 
David and Robin Johnson 
Debbie Johnson 
Ed Johnson 
Ginny Johnson 
Hollis Johnson III 
Keith and Stacey Johnson 
Kelley and Tara Johnson 
Maria Johnson 
Miriam Johnson 
Michael Johnson 
Robin Johnson 
Terrence and Keri Johnson 
Tomika Johnson 
Teri Johnston 
Brad and Kelley Jones 
Bert and Donna Jones 
Joi Jones 
Lori Jones 
Susan Jones 
Josh and Anessa Jordan 
Richard Jordan 
Patricia Jousan 
Belinda Julian 
Debbie Justice 
Nichole Kelderman 
James and Pamela Kelley 
Marcy Kelley 
Eric and Jennifer Keltner 
Bob and Betty Kephart 
CSM (R) William J. and Patricia A. Kermode 
J. Renea Kern 
Melissa Kilpatrick 
Morgan and Alison Kimble 
Daniel and Margaret Kinkade 
Larry and Kathy Kirchner 
Randy and Patsy Kirklin 
John and Vicky Kline 
Misti Knight 
Rebecca Koerner-Wagner 
Anne Kotrany 
Mitch and Leigh Kovalcik
Mike and Jana Kovar - In Honor of Linda Muhl 
T.W. Kurz
Rebekah Kuykendall
Al Kyle
Bill and Paula Lambright
Darlene Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Lansdale
Jerry and Jennifer LaPlante
Amy Larson 
Lawrence Elementary School 
Randy and Dianne Leake 
Leslie Lemons 
Steven A. and Wooline E. Lester and Family 
Randy and Allison Lewallyn 
Aimee Lewis 
Matthew and Laura Lincoln 
Trina Lindsey 
Lisa Lisewsky 
Jim and Theresa Liska 
Phil and Karen Lloyd 
F. Chris Locke 
Chris Lodge 
Leslie and Donna Loftin 
Lois Logan 
Mary Long 
Susan Purcell Lopez 
Michael and Amanda Luciano 
Karon Maben 
Dr. Alane Malone 
Tonya Mamantov 
Marybeth T. Mank 
Carrie Manning 
William and Shirley Marlowe 
Bill and Linda Marshall 
Samuel Marshall 
Stuart and Mandi Marshall
Chad and Amanda Martin 
Norma Martin 
Jessie and Becky Martinez 
Richard and Joan Mason
Thurman and Diana Massey 
William and Lacy Massey 
Linzy Mathew 
Frank and Nancy Mathison 
Shane and Alissa Mauldin 
Mike and Valerie Mayad 
Carol C. McArthur 
Blythe McCarty 
Jenny Reavis McClain 
Mollie McClelland - In Memory of Tom McClelland 
Jessie Margaret McCollum 
Sherry McCulloch 
Sara McCutchen 
Dan McDaniel 
Lynn McDaniel 
Dayla Joy Long McDaniels 
McDonald Middle School 
Becky McElyea 
Dan and Celeste McGee 
Ken, Melissa, and Kailie McGee 
Lori McGinnis 
Julie McHargue 
Chris and Rebecca McLain 
Kimberly McLarry 
Sharon McLaughlin 
Christy McNeil 
Robert and Shanda McReynolds 
McWhorter Elementary School - In Honor of Debbie Justice, Jonathan Royle, Lisa Hutcheson. Kay Pewitt, Julie Browning 
Mary McWilliams 
David and Jere Medina 
Charles Medlin 
Frank and Aubrey Medrano 
Keith and Darla Meek 
Mary L. Meek 
Paula Mejorado 
April Melton 
David and Debbie Melton 
Mitchel and Amber Mershawn 
Mesquite Association of Retired School Employees 
Mesquite Council of PTAs 
Mesquite Host Lions Club 
Metzger Awards and Promotional Products 
Lyle Metzler 
Susana Michel 
George and Kristin Milam 
Dr. Carolyn A. Miller 
George Miller 
Jennifer Mills 
David and Lisa Millsaps 
Jon and Kelley Mindrup 
Tom and Wanda Mingle 
2005-06 MISD Interns and Residents 
Clifford and Bridget Mitchell 
Jo Ellen Mitchell 
John and Alice Monaco 
Gary and Jan Monroe 
Amy Montgomery 
Eldridge Moore 
Kryslin Moore 
Deborah Morgan 
Tony Morgan 
Angela Morland 
Amy Morris 
Donna Henson Morris 
Chris and Kristy Morse 
Joseph Mosqueda 
Nancy Mosqueda 
Moss Elementary School 
Susan Moten 
Motley Elementary School 
Drew and Linda Muhl 
Kristen Muhl 
Debbie Mullane 
Kristi Mullenix 
Beverly Murray 
Diana Muzquiz 
Arlene Holman Myers 
Kricia Myers 
Marcus Myers 
James and Faye Nabors 
Carolyn Scott Naile 
Alison Neighbors 
Barrett and Valerie Nelson 
James W. and Emma L. Nelson 
Debbie Nelson-Beardsley 
A.C. New Middle School 
John and Brandi Newton 
Lisa Newton 
Mark and Brenda Niblett 
Brecon Nichols 
Chuck and Ginger Niven 
Charles and Karen Nix 
Ron and Diane Nix 
Lynne Noe 
Roberta Nolan 
Nery Nolasco 
Michael and Julie Noordsy 
Dr. and Mrs. Randy O'Brien 
Wade and Kristin Odom 
Emily Okeke-Gillespie 
R.A. Omodt 
Chris and Renea Orr 
Karen Owens - In Memory of Frank Freeman 
Janet Page 
Ginger Palacios 
Judith Page Pardun 
Jeremy and Jessica Parker 
Richard and Angela Parker 
Susan Parker 
Ernie and Kelli Parmenter 
Steve and Donna Parrish 
Don and Robin Payne 
Mayme Pease 
Loreta B. Peebles 
Bruce Perkins

Rickey Perkins 
Aubrey and Joan Perry 
Jim Perry 
Carol S. Peters 
Charlie Peters 
Patricia Peters 
Sandy Peters 
Craig and Jenifer Piepenbrink 
Leon and Marianne Piepenburg 
Robert Pierce 
Robert L. Pierce 
Michael Pierotti 
Courtney Pine 
Jeff and Lisa Pinkston 
Aaron and Una Ponder 
Tina Poor 
Bill and Donna Porter 
Andrea Porter 
Ferne Porter 
Lisa Porter 
Kelly Poteet 
Denel Prater 
Wendy Prather 
Rhonda Prewitt 
Joshua Price 
Kristi Hutson Price 
Rona Price 
Shannon Price 
Glenda Pruitt 
Melanie Pryor 
Carolyn Pyles 
Amy Quinn 
Kelly Quinn 
Linda Rainey 
Wilford Ramcke 
DeAnna Ramirez 
Robert P. and Sharon Rankin 
Yvetta Ransom 
Michael and Becky Rasco 
Gilbert and Yogi Rascon 
Phillip and Heather Ratliff 
Nita Redmond 
Jason and Amber Reese - In Memory of Debbie Odom 
Laurie Renfrow 
Diane Reynolds 
Donna Reynolds 
Rick and Kandy Reynolds 
Sherry K. Rhoads 
Steve and Lucy Rhoads - Ebby Halliday, Inc. 
George and Bennye Rice - In Honor of Reed and Hayden Rose and Hannah and Matthew Martel 
Ron and Linda Richardson 
Beverly Richey 
Deryl and Cathy Rideout 
Cecelia K. Riggle - In Memory of Jackie L. Riggle 
John and Tracy Riley 
Ian M. and Ashlee Rinestine 
Todd and Lynda Ritter 
Tony Rivenbark
Frank Roberts 
Tammy Roberts 
Bobby and Maurine Robinson 
Judyann Robinson 
Robbie and Janice Robinson 
Sarah Robinson 
Vicki Robinson 
Amy Roby 
Chuck Rodgers 
Don and Shirley Rogers and Family 
Melody Rogers 
Sharon Roland 
Jane Rollins 
Judy Rollins 
Eddie and Misty Rose - In Honor of Diana Costune 
Jeannie Rosenberry 
Ted and Tonya Rowswell - Chosenstone Ministries 
Jim Royal 
Maria Rubalcado 
Ruth Ruiz 
Tammy Rushing 
Roland and Kimberly Saldana 
Kevin and Amanda Samples 
Wade and Linda Samples 
Sini Samuel 
Roger and Joy Samuels 
Kari Helen Samuelson 
Craig and Lisa Sanborn 
Beverly Sanders 
Larry Sanford 
Philip and Charlet Sapundjieff 
Ann Sartin 
Judy Sauter 
Glenda Saylor 
Pamela Bright Scandore 
Richard and Amy Schaffner 
Mary Schaper 
Deborah Schubert 
Irene Scuderi 
Seabourn Elementary PTA 
Seabourn Elementary School 
Cindy Seely 
Patricia Sellers 
Francisca Serrano 
Kathy Shada 
James R. and Hope L. Sheppard 
Michael and Jessica Sheppard 
Jodie Sherlock 
Danny and Brenda Shields 
Kathryn Shindoll 
Janice Shipman 
Colleen Shipp-Griffin 
Tim and Kandy Shirey 
Melissa Short 
Mary Ann Shupe 
Greg Signall 
Diana Simmons 
Mary Simms 
Ed Sine 
Rick Skaggs 
Dr. Linda Slejko 
Allan Smethie 
Smith Elementary School 
Ann E. Smith 
In Memory of Candace Evon Smith 
David and Jana Smith 
Eric and Traci Smith 
J.D. and Carolyn Smith 
Jessica Smith 
Kimberli Smith 
Mary Smith 
Melissa Smith 
Sheryl Sadler Smith 
Tammy Marie Smith 
David and Sue Snider 
Tracy Snyder 
Rick D. Sorrells 
Mary Spakes 
Robin Stehman 
Anthony and Tia Stevens 
Valerie Stewart 
Emily Borthum Stockard and Children 
Larry and Marget Stokes 
James and Jeanne Stone 
Laura Storms 
Christine Strickland 
Dr. Michael L. and Kathy Stuart 
Misty Suits 
Karen E. Sullivan 
Travis and Kim Sullivan 
Robert Surber 
Brad and Cathy Swann 
Fred and Patsy Sweeney 
Martin and Rachel Syblik 
Jennifer Sypert 
Martha Jo Talbot 
Rusty Talbot 
Leatha Talmage 
Jeff and Debi Tanton 
Kim Taveau 
Danny and Emily Taylor 
Donna Taylor 
Janis Taylor 
Michael Taylor 
Roderick Taylor 
Amanda Tecklenburg 
Rob Temple 
Kathie Terry 
Trent and Shondra Tharp 
Jerry and Cynthia Thichava 
Julia Thomas 
Keith and Deanna Thomas 
Kelly M. Thomas 
Kelly Q. Thomas 
Laura Thomas 
Jay R. Thompson 
     In Memory of Helen Thompson 
Thompson Elementary PTA 
Jill Thompson 
Don and Vada Tillery 
The Tinius Family 
Steve and Carol Tipton 
Erin Tobola 
Mary Tobola 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Todd 
Ed and Cheri Toogood 
Belinda Traister 
Laura Travis 
Harry F. Tschoerner, Jr. 
David Tupperadagelesen 
Lori Turley 
Brandy Michele Turner 
Vickie Turner 
Jimmy and Karen Tustin 
Charles and Melinda Tuttle
Lorrie Tuttle 
Darrell and Beverly Tyree 
JoeBob and Crystal Ussery 
Kathryn B. Uzzle 
Dondi Van Meter 
Vanston Middle School 
John and Laura Vaughn 
Gloria Veloz 
George and Pat Venner 
J.J. Vigil 
Merilia and Amanda Villanueva 
Terry Cockerham and Jessica Vonderhaar 
James A. and Carolina A. Vornberg 
Felecia Wadsworth 
Connie Wages 
Katie Walker 
Lonnie and Linda Walter 
Sondra Yvette Warren 
Elizabeth Warrick 
Craig and Betty Waters 
Billy Dwayne and Kelli Watson 
Leslie Watson 
Rhonda Watson 
Suzanne Watson 
Jacqueline Watt 
Linda Wayman 
Wendy Wear 
John and Leann Weatherly 
Dr. Susan Weaver 
Emma Weaver 
Jennifer Weaver 
Russell Weeks 
Christy Weete 
Keith and Judy Wells 
Rick and Teresa Wells 
Terri Wells 
Lance and Stefanie Wendling 
Amber Westbrook 
Brian Ray Wester 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wester 
Todd and Veronica Westlake 
Mary Whisler 
James Whitaker 
Dr. Terri White 
Threasa White 
Larry and Elaine Whitlock 
Norman and Mary Wick 
Jeff and Laurie Wiginton 
Sue Wilbanks 
Ella Mae Wilcox 
Tara Wildermuth 
Stephanie Wiley 
Alan and Lynette Williams 
Brent Williams
Jim and Pat Williams 
Mary Williams 
Rebecca Williams 
Susan E. Williams 
Susan L. Williams 
Teresa Williams 
Valerie Williams 
Carolyn Willich 
Gilbert and Chassordee Willie 
Jennifer Wilson 
Robert and Carole Wilson 
Don and Dwanna Winkler 
Heather M. Wisdom 
Wendy D. Wiser 
Kelley Witcher 
Randy and Rebecca Wolfe 
Stephen and Brenda Wolston 
Sue Wood 
Archie and Mary Woodard 
John and Shawn Wright 
Karen Wright 
Melody Wyatt 
Franklin Wyatt-Merritt 
Jennifer Yates 
Terry and Jill Yates 
Cliff and Lisa York 
Jeff and Beverly York 
Young Writers' Worshop 
Kay Young 
Dustin and Tina Young 
Kellie Young 
Joel and Tammy Zeller 
Karl Zuber

Additional Donations Received in Memory of:

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carbo 
Joe Flowers 
Mr. and Mrs. Benigno Gasparini 
Rick Givens 
Eloe Johnson 

S.D. Ladymon 
E.J. Larson 
Ralph Martin
Dr. Lorraine Mitchell
Melissa Mitchell

Alice Nash 
Devon Reed
Wayne Splawn

Additional Donations Received in Honor of:

Dr. James P. Terry Endowment