Named Endowments

The Mesquite ISD Education Foundation is proud to highlight the Named Endowments listed below:

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P.M. and Sue Belt Endowment
Dr. Richard R. Russell and Family Endowment
Cary and Patty Tanamachi Endowmment
Frances L. Terry Endowment
Dr. James P. Terry Endowment
Bill and Lillie White Endowment
WRA Architects, Inc. Endowment
In Memory of Dorothy & S.D. Ladymon Endowment
Dr. Ralph H. Poteet Endowment
Dr. Linda Henrie Endowment
Bill Crook Endowment

Active Endowment Campaigns

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Family members of Celeste McGee have launched an Endowment campaign to honor Celeste’s life of service to Mesquite ISD students, parents and staff. Celeste had a true servant’s heart and was an advocate for the Mesquite ISD through the PTA and more. Celeste and her husband Dan McGee moved their family to Mesquite in 1982 where they raised five kids in MISD. One of their children currently teachers in MISD.

Celeste McGee was a Texas PTA Lifetime Member and received multiple awards for her volunteer service through the years. She was involved in school PTA’s serving as room mom, and on PTA Boards for the more than thirty years that her kids and grandkids were in school in MISD. She served as PTA President for Berry MS, Mesquite HS, and John Horn HS. Celeste helped bring the “Shattered Dreams” programs to Mesquite HS and other MISD high Schools. She served on the Mesquite Council for more than 18 years, serving in all Executive Board positions and as President for at least four years. Countless hours were invested running the Mesquite Clothes Closet and working with partners like Target, Walmart and Academy to help provide clothing for MISD students.  She also worked with tons of community partners that supported the Clothes Closet Financially. Celeste was passionate about parent involvement and making sure that parents had the tools and opportunities to serve on PTA boards across the district, helping organize PTA’s for new MISD schools for the last fifteen years.  She also served on MISD bond committees and other community outreach programs. In addition, Celeste served Texas PTA on committees, lobbying Texas lawmakers on behalf of Families, and as a field rep helping PTA’s and school districts across North Texas.