Walk A Mile In My Shoes

What is the “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” Project?

It is a temporary vlog beginning Monday, October 19 through Sunday, November 15.

MISD Education Foundation Executive Director Randy Lewallyn will video blog his daily run/walk of at least 1-mile as a training tool for the Virtually Amazing Santacolor 5K on November 14 & 15. 

During the project, Randy will run/walk alongside other MISD stakeholders in some episodes doing vlog informal interviews with each guest, in hopes of giving viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to walk in the guests shoes. To see things from their perspective professionally and to get to know them a little personally. This will be unscripted, casual light-hearted conversation.


What is the purpose?

Randy is running in recognition of MISD educators and their outstanding work during these challenging circumstances, and to improve his overall wellness.

To promote that the Virtually Amazing Santacolor 5K Run & Walk can be done from any location on Nov 14 &15. Randy will be running in different locations around the area throughout the project to demonstrate this fact.

So, hop off the couch, strap on your sneakers, and let's go Run A Mile.