Will Project - Employee Giving

Conner Dyer and Eric Mauro, at Dyer & Mauro Law Firm are pleased to show their support for MISD employees by offering a WILL PROGRAM, to raise funds for the Mesquite ISD Education Foundation. This special opportunity allows MISD employees to support the Mesquite ISD Education Foundation and to accomplish estate planning that should be addressed by everyone.

In return for District employees making the minimum required contribution to the Education Foundation, Dyer & Mauro will prepare a Will for an employee and his or her spouse at no charge to the employee.

  • Only MISD employees are eligible.
  • The minimum donation level is $400 for an employee (one Will) and $500 for an employee and spouse (two Wills).
  • Employees may make a one-time donation or make a monthly pledge. Monthly pledges will begin in September.
  • The deadline to participate is August 31, 2023.
  • Qualifying employees will receive a certificate and instructions, from the Foundation in September, 2023.
  • Employees will have 1-year from the date of issue to use the certificate.
  • Some restrictions may apply (e.g. persons with estates exceeding the unified estate and gift tax exemption level, if any, would need services that cannot be provided for this price).